Saturday, 16 February 2013

February Is For Firsts

Happy new year? Ok so I've been MIA recently; well for the past nearly 3 months from here. Sorryyy!
I welcomed 2013 in with open arms, solely because I was and still am excited for the events of this year. So here's a brief run through of the past couple of months since I've been home, for both your 'entertainment' and my memory :)

November 2012 onwards..
Unfortunately they're not all in order :(


Christmas :)

New Year minionssssss:

Nottingham Jan:

January & Feb 2013:

So that's everything 'in brief' since I got home 5th November up to the 16th February :) I've been keeping pretty busy with friends and just enjoying myself! I worked at Next during Christmas but since that ended I've been a bored unemployed bum but I now officially have a job woo! Can't wait to start saving again so my pipe dream of going to India in November can become a reality!! Keep ya posted.. ciao mein xx