Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sephora ra ra ra

This is just a small post about my addiction.. not drugs.. but make up! Since I got here I've spent most my money on make up, clothes and hair products. It's like all of a sudden I've become a girl or something..
Anyway, having said that, I've stumbled across a few vloggers on youtube with tutorials of how to do said make up properly. One being in particular is so check her out!

My newest edition to my collection from Sephora a.k.a the best make up shop concession store EVER is my little Kat Von D palette called 'little sinner'. The colours are pretty daring for me if I'm honest cos I usually just stick to the standard natural looking browns and beiges, so here's a look at the craziness I've unleashed myself to..

Ok so obviously I was being sarcastic when I said 'craziness' haha but GREEN? REALLY? The colours have really cool names though - from the top left clockwise they are:
Swan Song
Brave Awakening

I tried them out earlier and they're amazing! The pigments come out so vibrantly on top of primer. My favourite is Swan Song (the white) because it's pearlised so in the light it has a slight tinge of pink to it! Obviously used as a highlighter - I'm not gona go out with just a small line of white eyeshadow on my eyelid like chavs back in the day hahaha. 

Also I'm completely addicted to my Moroccan oil! Ok so it is pricey but I bought a little bottle from when I had my hair highlighted and it's like liquid miracles! The smell is super addictive too.. awkward. But it doesn't seem to go down so that little bottle was definitely worth the $17 I paid! Alongside that, my one true love of hairspray is Fish but nowhere seems to sell it here so I guess it's just an English thing :( I'm rationing it to try and make it last haha. First world problems!
Banana boat is the besssst tanning oil ever! I was feeling a bit naughty buying oil cos I had my mum in the back of my head saying I'm stupid for getting some because of the heat here but in all fairness my skin is being a little bitch! I mean it won't even bloody burn so I've resorted to this but being the good girl I am, it's factor 4 ;) there you go mum!
And then I have a cheeky mini bottle of perfume from Victoria's Secret which smells DIVINE!

Sorry if I bored you to death butttt... yeah.
Oh! I also got some new scrap booking stuff so I'll upload some piccies of that when I decide to get my ass in to gear and do some pages!

ciao ciao xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Making do

Okay so this isn't the post I had in mind but it's got to the point where it's even annoying me that I haven't updated! Please bare with me because I don't have all the photos I wanted to use for this cos I seem to have somehow lost my Canon charger in a house full of Nikons and I'm waiting for Emma to upload some photos from the weekend! :)
For now, here are a couple snaps I've managed to pull together!

So, what have I been up to this week?

On Saturday 14th July, Jenn drove me and Gabe to Baltimore, Maryland, where Gabe had a weekend LAX tournament! We drove there super early - I thought there was only one 6 o clock in a day but apparently there's one in the morning and it's evil! When we got there it was raining :( boo. So me and Jenn were sitting, watching and taking photos of the lacrosse games when it was peeing down! I was super jealous of the boys playing cos I personally think outdoor sports are 10million times better when it's raining haha love a bit of dirt! 

*sob sob*

Love the agressive ones hahaha

Tense those buttocks!

Couldn't resist!

Hello Mr Franklin

Spitting image of Fred Cook!!

One man down! (And a super hot coach..)

Snow cone flavours!! I had bubblegum and cherry.. LUSH

When the 3 games Gabe's team played had finished, we packed up and went to check in, in our hotel in 'down town' Baltimore!! The hotel was so cute and my view of just a normal street was beautiful!! Very New York-ish. 

'good morning Baltimore' :D

We quickly had showers and got changed ready for our Baseball match! GO ORIOLES! I was so excited to go cos to me, it's something you have to do here simply because it's so American! It was so hot sat outside for that length of time - even in the evening but I had an amazing time and really enjoyed it! Even got a foam finger didn't I and a cheeky beer ;) REB!

Down town Baltimore

Pratt street.. maybe Spencer should live here

Huge harbour put Weymouth to shame!

Jenn & Gabe 

Hey batter batter, hey batter batter swing


Kiss cam - vom

with ma 'lil bro'

disgusting but proof! GO ORIOLES!

Luckily they won, yay :) so after the game we were rather peckish so walked along the harbour to the Hard Rock Cafe! They do such amazing food wooow and Jenn bought me a pint glass which says hard rock baltimore! Cute! So I now have a new drinking glass ready for home mwahaha!

Humongous burger

The next day it was a bright and early start again, but not as early thank god!! Before we left our hotel we had breakfast. Obviously pancakes and waffles are big here so they have a pump with mix in it and you pour it into the waffle irons yourself. I'm not great at measurements so ended up making a huge mess and the waitress absolutely hated me hahaha didn't help that I'm English this time! :( 
The weather was beautiful though so I was able to tan whilst watching lacrosse! Beaut! Although I swear people back home are more tanned than what I am. My skin doesn't even burn. It does nothing. :(

Gabe the babe in action (46)

So that was the 14th & 15th weekend! Then last week I worked Monday - Friday editing and toning photos  for Jenn! Emma helped too and on Tuesday we went to the cinema and watched Ted. I cannot explain how hilarious it is or how vital it is for everyone to see it! I haven't laughed or cried that hard since like Step Brothers. Mark Wahlberg is a hero hahahahah I'm cracking up thinking about it now!! Before the cinema, me, Emma and her cousin Caitlin went and got dinner at a seafood restaurant EW! And I had my very first FROYO! I went a bit crazy with all the toppings and flavours..

ELF moment


This was hilarious outside our screen for the family restroom hahah ANYONE NEED THE PESTPOO?!

Emma slept round after this :) ready for more work the next day! I edited so much last week but here are 2 of the shoots:

This is beautiful Dorothy! She's also an intern at Vita Images so that's how I met her and she's the girl I went shopping with before! :)

Umm... oh i also went to a Mediterranean restaurant with Jenn last week. It was amazing! I'm completely addicted to red pepper hummus :)

Where would I be without Instagram!? Hahaha

This weekend just gone I went to Emma's and slept over and went to the beach with some of her friends on Sunday! I'll put that in another post when I have the photos, cos I frankly, I think this post is long enough!
Sorry to bore ya!

Oh and also, sorry for the dark pics. Blogspot obviously doesn't like them!