Monday, 28 May 2012

Sweetbay Lane


So I'm still pretty jeg lagged and need to get with the time because I'm still on UK time. It's currently 9:52pm here but I'm still used to it being 2:52am which is what it is at home! I'm making myself stay awake as long as possible but it's so hard when I'm waking up at 6am each day!
My flight went ok-ish to get here all by myself. I freaked out a little at Heathrow just because it's such a huge airport but everything seemed easy enough! I've been accepted to stay here for 6 months too which is relieving because at my visa interview they said I'm not guaranteed to be able to stay here that long until I go through US customs!
The flight was 7 hours long and I lost 4 hours during that process to get here. I had 2 in-flight meals which were RANK but then I watched 'The Vow'.. got upset that Channing Tatum isn't mine, read my book and listened to my ipod whilst sleeping!
As soon as I met up with Jen, Katy and Ashleigh we stepped outside of the airport and it was like a huge hair dryer! It's sooo hot here and super humid so I'm wearing next to nothing whilst going to the pool haha. I'm yet to make friends my own age here but I should be meeting a girl called Emma on Thursday who's 19 so fingers crossed she likes me and introduces me to her friends!!
The day I got here Jen took me to this huge shop called Target where I bought all my necessities I couldn't fit into my suitcase, and an American phone :) then she drove me around Reston town to see some of the amazing shops they have here. It's amazing! :) Then yesterday and today I've been at the pool with Katy, trying my best to start the base of my tan!
America through my eyes so far:

when they met me at the airport hahaha

with Katy in my mini apartment

hanging out

what I see when I step out of my bedroom :)

slurpee and tropical starburst = bliss


extremely hideous

loving life.

I'll try to be more frequent with the blogs here but tomorrow morning I leave for NEW YORK for a couple days!!! TOO EXCITED ahhh literally a dream xxxxxxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends

Saturday was such a good/messy evening/night/morning with a few of the girls! Was a real shame everyone couldn't be there but Uni is persistent in getting in the way all the time!
I had pre drinks at mine with Chels, Cherry, Laura, Kim, Ele and Hayley which we ended up very, very drunk until stumbling into town around midnight! Because of my Visa interview on Thursday, they still had my passport and in town although I'm 19, all bouncers ask me for my ID! :( I borrowed Laura's passport cos most people ask if we're sisters anyway (think it's cos we're dark haired) and I got away with it so easily haha! And in one club I got in but she got questioned - apparently I look more like her than she does lollllll idiots!
Heeeere is the night in pickchaaas:

I wore a River Island outfit consisting of a pink and gold cropped top with lions on it and a waterfall maxi skirt! Apparently before we left for town I kept saying to my little sister that my skirt was like a mullet cos it's long at the back and short at the front hahahaha

Cherry's obsessed with Bosun

Using WKD as your mixer for vodka isn't the greatest idea

Think this was after we got the old man kicked out for being really annoying hahahahah

Shock my drunken face

Love this haha! Wish the focus was on Laura though and not the bars!

For some reason I don't like taking photos when I'm actually out - I genuinely think it's subconscious cos of what happened at Carnage when I lost/someone stole my dad's camera so I'm just paranoid cos I need it for America... which by the way is SATURDAY! just under 5 days :) eek! Can't believe how quick it's came around!!! I think I've made at least one friend already thank God! She's called Emma and seems really nice so will be good to meet her! Hopefully we'll get alongggg!
Dreading the packing :(
I'm gona miss my hangover days with Cherry going to Mcdonalds at 1am cos we're still feeling like shit and need some even shitter food inside of us!

my favourite card in the whole world hahahah

my bon voyage cards and a bottle of bubbly! i have the best friends :)

best hangover cure ever. i love you.


Friday, 18 May 2012

une petite journée dans la belle ville de Paris

On Monday I got the train to London where Sammie picked me up and we drove back to her appartment in Canterbury for a few hours before our drive to Luton airport for our lovely day in Paris :)

Sounds lovely right? Shame by the time we got back to Canterbury after Paris at 1am we'd been awake for over 40 hours! It was sooo hard to keep my eyes open all day haha and it bloody rained so we didn't go up the Eiffel Tower (what a shame..) and there was loads of road works!
Anyway, here's my last 4 days in photos via instagram, cos my proper ones are too big a file apparently!:

The best book ever to read on the train! (highly recommended, girls)

London Waterloo

Sammie's tiny apartment..

Too tired to function. N'aww.

On the metro

Nutella crepe. L O V E.

Wish she smiled! Infront of the Eiffel Tower.

My first Parisian macaroon

On the metro leaving... :(

Beautiful sunset


After the 3 hour drive home to Canterbury, a well deserved sleep, the train from Cants to London Waterloo and then on the train from Waterloo to Weymouth :) 
Just chilling with my best pal Percy, Perry the Pod, and I heart New York to read.

Yesterday I went to London again but this time with my dad for my visa interview at the American Embassy. After waiting for 3 hours, I was accepted, YAY! So I should be flying out end of next week :) So excited!
Tomorrow is my last Saturday night out in Weymouth so I'm having the girls round for pre drinks then hitting town! It's gona be a bit difficult seeing as though I don't have my ID but I'll try! It's so annoying how I'm 19 and worried about having ID cos they ask me for it everywhere! :(

Au revoir xxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 11 May 2012

It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to..

I had the BEST 19th I could've asked for up in Notts!! I was so excited to see everyone, let alone it be my birthday. It worked out I only needed to get the train to Bristol cos Sarah picked me up and drove us to Notts - road trippp! We got there for just gone 5 so we had plenty of time to get ready etc before pre drinks at ours. As soon as I got through the front door we all just bear hugged :) definitely felt the love! It was as if I'd never left and everything was back to normal. Gutted to be home now :(
Here's some pictures of the night :)

half of Sazzle's mahoooosive garden in Bristol!

Ain't I cute ;)

My surprise birthday cake!! :)

Poutin hell with Steph and Daren

Toblerone's face just cracks me up!

Hey orange!

Babies xoxo

Why I make this face I'll never know

Alex was so happy!

Oh dear



ADORE these girls :)

With Soph :)


Aw Mat :)

Just hanging

Feeling like death

Bye Manor :(((

Bye Notts.. til Christmas :((

My really cool socks.. 

Zoy did my hair before mine, saz's and mike's chinese buffet and cinema to watch American Pie the Reunion- ironic ;)


My 3 different currencies I'll be using for the next 2 weeks! Paris on Tuesday, America the following week :D

So happy right now to have such amazing friends to go back to in Notts. Cannot wait until Christmas to go and visit them again - when they're in the house!!! Gona be insane :) Just not that happy to be home wahh but Cants on Monday so all good :)

looooove you x