Monday, 30 January 2012

Futuuuure :)

Today started off reeeally crappy and I was so moody and kinda took it out on my mum so I feel kinda bad! But it got better and better - first of all all 7 of us girls went and signed our new house contract for next year!!! Love the house and so happy we got it and it's all sorted now :) and the best thing is that it's a 10min walk from the city centre so we're definitely gona be hosting pre drinks all the time cos we won't need taxis or if we do they'll be suuuper cheap :D and then i skyped Jenn, who is the 'mom' of the american family my older sister keiley stayed with whilst doing camp america 3 years ago, about me going over there for 3 months in the summer to help her out with her toddler lauren who's 2 and shadow her because she's a photographer with her own business!!!! she went over some details and said she'd pay for half my flight, i'd live in her huge basement room rent free and wouldn't need to buy food AND she'd give me a weekly 'allowance' :D :D :D how amazing!! it's such a crazzzy opportunity cos ive aaaalways wanted to go to america and the offer's there!! :D :D plus it would look pretty hardcore on my CV that i went and worked with a photographer in america during the summer ha!! SOOO EXCITED! let's just hope it all goes to plan! i think im gona need to get another job here too, but in the day so i can juggle everything! 2012 is gona be amaaazing! can't believe we're at the end of jan already though! insane!
i definitely wana slim down for this now! and im gona get such a good tan wooooo! i love being brown :)
the only downside is that im gona miss out on a girls holiday (boo) but ill be back early september so i'd still have a couple of weeks at home so could see everyone and have lush nights out back in weybiza!!
i really miss home and im craving a night out there haha! it's so rubbish compared to here but it's weird how much i miss it cos when you go out there you kinda know everyone about! :)
it's gona be so nice to go home for easter for a reunion with all the girls and everyone :) especially to see sammie the crazy cat! we're always on the same wavelength in town haha!

im going to bed happy :) but have 9am lectures again.. wahh :( xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 29 January 2012


So I can't sleep, SHOCK, and I'm just laying in bed thinking about all the tattoos I want but I'm too much of a wimp to get! I have sooo many ideas - only lickle ones - but first I need the bravery!!! and money obv :( boo everything comes down to moneeeey!
The first one I want is on my right foot which is gona be a paper aeroplane to represent my granddad (personal meaning) a bit like this.....
(found this pic on tumblr) but i only want one line of the loop de loop thingy behind it and no shading!

then the next tat i want after that is gona be a biggun!! but will be my only biggun so it's ok! :) atm my roommate alex's boyfriend is designing it (ollie) so im waiting for that reallyy but this is a couple of ideas i have... 

i reeeeeeeeeally want a dream catcher in this exact place! (left hip and thigh) not as big as these ones, but big enough to be able to see a bit if i wear shorts kinda thing. i think they're soo pretty. it does have a meaning though and im also having 4 beads in the middle of the netting to represent my parents and two sisters :) not sure on colours though but this is definitely want i want!!! :D


I haven't wrote on here in over a week now but not a lot has actually changed! Same old poor student!
Good news is that I got the job being a photographer at Oceana, bad news is that I literally hate it. I can't quit though cos of loads of reasons like I don't want to be a quitter within the first month so I'm gona stick it out, I need the money even though it's rubbish - it's better than nothing. And it'll also look good on my CV for photography experience and it shows I work for my money (it's commission based).
I've been feeling pretty shit lately cos of the whole being poor situation, plus I don't get paid for another month so that's another month of living off my mum and I feel sooo bad for it! It's all because Student Finance are bellends and still haven't given me my grant which they owe me for TWO terms!! Guess it's a good thing that I will get double this time but I wana live life comfortably not worrying all the time! :( My sister suggested dropping out after this year and then working for next year to save up and apply for 2013 but I really don't want to do that. I've basically made my life here with amazing people I've met and I also don't wana have to go through making new friends again in possibly a different city. All this worry has made me miss home and all my best friends and family :(
Adding to this shitness, I desperately want to be smaller for the summer where I'm potentially either going on a girls holiday (which would be amaaaazing seeing as though Portugal was the best time ever and that was just with 2 of the girls, let alone the whole group!!) or i could be in America for the whole of summer, staying with the family my sister did Camp America with back in 2010 in Virginia!! I was so much smaller last summer cos of the 'heartbreak diet' I guess but when I came here everything's just been so tempting, let alone the 'empty calories' of drinking on nights out!  I'm definitely trying now though and I want to be smaller by the time I go home for easter at the end of March so fingers crossed guysss!

In other news we've pretty much found our dream house for next year! It's for 7 of us this time cos Beata's coming with ussss! We'll always be Breach house bitches though :) haha. I'm so excited to move in to a house, let alone have a gigantic room!!!! Plus it has TWO kitchens and TWO BATHS!! What luxuries!! I don't even like baths cos I don't think they get you clean cos you're washing in your dirty water but still! I don't have the option here hahaha!
Breach at Christnasss! (plus Lucilla, Zoy's friend, and Beata!!)

enough of my whinging, i'm off to bed!! 9am lectures wooooo...... xxxx

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Only went out once this week and that was last night at forum woo! I had a job interview to be a photographer at oceana haha and I have a trial night tonight but dont start til 10! feels so weird.
the flat's lonely this weekend cos alex & sarah aren't here and some of the boys have gone to leeds so manor's a bit quiet but next week should be good :) plus it's mike's birthday and we're getting a booth wooo :)
the most annoying thing ever happened though! my levi 501's got sent to my home address so i didnt have them to wear last night and then i missed the post man today so i have to collect them from the post office (which i dont know where it is) so this is a slight issue... haha. ill post a pic when i finally have them in my possession!
anywhoooooo ill try to update sooner than last time :)

peeeeeeace xxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I have 2 projects, yes TWO in for tomorrow which used Adobe Flash (which i have no idea how to work) and they're not going great and now my scanner's decided to stop working!! Fml I'm so close to giving up haha but i know i cant ahhh. All that's getting me through it is thinking tomorrow's the last day of uni this week and it's a big night Friday!!
I've also bought my first graze box!! i'm excited to see what will be in it! this is what it is:
Nom nom! Yay to healthy eating :-) if you wana get one yourselves your first box is free and second is half price so it's like £1.70 or something with free delivery yayy we love a bargain!!

GOT to go.. work calls :-( xxxxxxx

Monday, 16 January 2012


Today has been loooooooooong and not the best! I'm so not used to being this active since christmas haha so waking up at 7:30 really killed me this morning with a FULL day of uni :( bad times. first of all i was late, then i forgot to pick up my CV's i printed to hand out to places so i can get monies, then i got on the wrong bus and worst of all, my phone had low battery cos i forgot to charge it! wahhh!
I'm completely swamped with work until my wednesday deadline so that means no forum or oceana for me until after then :( boooo. I've done quite a bit tonight but got bored so started putting up more photos on my walls but ive now ran out of space to put them!!
along with this im also writing this obviouslyyyy and been checking some photographers im in love with. my new obsession atm is Guy Aroch who is constantly moving from paris, nyc and landan town the EXTREMELY lucky man. this is one of his:
I've not taken half as many photos as I usually would recently cos i need to buy a new lense for my canon but as soon as i do im gona be snapping away like there's no tomorrow!! over new year i took some photos with a disposable camera but they didnt come out the best! kind of a waste of money butttt practice makes perfect :) 
i didn't take the disposable for photography purposes, more just to capture the night but i actually really liked this one - the colours and the whole randomness of it tbh haha makes me laughhh!

also, to add to the moaning, i never realised how expensive shampoo and conditioner is!! ridonkulous.

ciao for now, bec xxxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So I've just decided to set up a blog during my Uni years because they're supposedly 'the best years of your life' so I want to remember them - even the drunken memories ;)
I'm loving living in Notts and I've met so many amazing people it's insane! Since coming back last Saturday I've been out 4 nights this week and I'm really paying for it now in more ways than one - my poor bank balance :( but the nights out here are too hard to resist!!
Me and Zena loving life! This was the first night out back and we planned to go to Forum but cos we were super late getting ready and leaving pre drinks (shock) it was too packed so we ended up going to Bluebell first for some cheap wine (love it) and then hit up Revival which is an 80's night haha! There were hardly any people in there except for us and these old creepy men.. classic!
We had a huuuge flat party on Tuesday before the best place ever.. OCEANA! The flat was literally so full I felt like a sardine in a tin! 
On Thursday we went to Rock City and that was the first time I'd been - it was a good night with some hot indie guys haha but wasn't the best. I'd choose a messy night at forum or oceana over that any day! Not even sweaty in that picture.... hahahahaha gross.
Then this was Friday night at forum :) DISGUSTING photo but one of the only ones that got taken (thank god) but was a really good night and we obviously went to the White Horse (like surfside to those of you from home!) for some chicken nuggets and chips yay :)
Today i seriously need to do some work and crack on so this is my first blog of 2012.. i'll try and keep a regular update!

have a lovely lazy sunday! 
bec xxxxx