Saturday, 28 April 2012

'Train insane or remain the same'

One of the best quotes I've heard in a while! Starting Monday it's my 7th week training with Andy but only technically the first day of my second month. I'm seriously putting in so much more effort in these next couple of weeks before I wizz off to the beautiful place that is America which is filled with everything bad for you! I've got so much motivation now and I'm only drinking for my birthday and maybe my last weekend here, so that's 2 nights. Other than that I'm seriously knuckling down!
Besides from that, life is so boring back at home. Literally counting down the days til I go away :)
Notts in 10 days
Cants & Paris in 16 days
London in 19 days
America in potentially 24 days.... (if interview goes to plan)
New York in 31 days!!!

Here's a picture of Weymouth beach from training the other day when the weather was insane:



smiler bo

Weymouth on an absolute BEAUT day :)

mine and Sammie's Paris flights :)

my new vansss

some of the random food i have to eat now

cutest cups ive ever seen

new lens :D

my baby girrrrl!

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p.s. i miss my long hair

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Looks like I'm gona be visiting this beauty again next month!!! Me and Sammie have booked our flights to visit Paris for the day eeeek! :) It's gona be so lovely because I didn't think I was gona be able to see her again before I go to America for 6 months! I'm going up the Monday and staying in her apartment, then we're driving to the airport Tuesday morning, come home Tuesday night, staying the night again in Canterbury and getting the coach home from London on the Wednesday :)

Next month is going to be so eventful!! I get to see all my amazing Uni friends for a few days when I go up for my birthday, then it's my 19th (zzzz), then Canterbury and Paris and then I fly off to Washington DC to get picked up by my new American Mom to go home to Reston, Virginia :) That's on the 22nd but then on the 29th I'm going to New York!! :) Definitely want to have sorted and got the hack of my Diana camera by then so I can have some amazing film copies of the huge skyline and beautiful fast paced city! I guess I can practice whilst in Paris ;)


Friday, 20 April 2012

High on life!

So yesterday I had the day off and me, Hayley and Jo went to Bournemouth to meet Laura and we went shopping :) It was a lovely day and full of giggles - haven't laughed that much in a while! I'm so lucky with my friends! Hey sop!
So anyway, as soon as I left my mum text me saying I'd had a delivery.....

Isn't she beautiful?!?! I'm yet to properly understand how to work her but for now I'm just taking random snaps and hoping for the best!! Loooove film :)

Whilst this little beauty was waiting to be opened at home, I was busy rinsing my bank account in Topshop and all shops heart melting :) We had lunch at this all you can eat buffet called 'Days' and it was amazing!! Definitely one of the best restaurants I've been to! Here's Laura loving life

Last night we went out to end a lovely day in a very drunken mind! Thirsty Thursdays are always good in the Lazy Lizard because there's a live band and it's such a chilled out atmosphere where everyone's merry and happy! Shortly, a 'couple of drinks' turned in to a really messy night and I was sick for the first time in ages! Vodka and beer doesn't mix guys!! Unfortunately I had work too and training, so like a trooper, I grinned and bared it and was so happy to be home! It's now 10:37pm and I'm still hanging like a mothertrucker but I'm sat in bed making plans with Sammie to have a joint birthday present..... we're going to PRAGUE for the day!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! It's a beautiful sight seeing and architectural City so will look lush in some Diana photos!!! Next month is so close I can almost taste it and its's tasting goooooooooooooooooood :)

High on life x

p.s. i'm now a proud owner of some vans! hey bandwagon, i'm jumping on ya!

Monday, 16 April 2012

The future is bright

Just bought my Diana F+ Sahara edition :D :D :D (see last post for pic) it's beautiful!!!! Can't wait to take some snaps in the US eeeeeee :) 
Buying my flights for tomorrow, working and working out Wednesday and perhaps cinema, shopping Thursday in Bournemouth with Hayley and Laura and then having a girlie night out :)
I seriously am loving life haha! It's the best feeling knowing I'm earning money too :) earning and burning, making cheques and breaking necks, getting paid and.... hahahaha
thought i'd just share my excitement to my millions of followers... HA! xxx

Friday, 13 April 2012

More than just a hobby

I miss doing photography so much! A level was amazing - which reminds me I still need to collect all my work!
I was just pottering round my room and found my scrap pieces of under/over exposed film photos:

Genuinely LOVE doing film. It's a lot of work and the results aren't always great (see above) but it's so exciting at the same time because you never know EXACTLY what your photo is gona turn out like until you've developed it. At sixth form the dark room was my second home.

Next week I'm going to finally buy a new lens for my Canon DSLR so I'm gona be taking soo many photos, especially of my town changing so dramatically for the Olympic sailing this summer :) 
For the US I want to invest in a couple new cameras including a new digital because mine got stolen :( sad face, but I also have my eye on this beauty:

It's a Diana F+ mini, which is film! :D Really want to get this before I go, it's £99 but definitely worth it!! I'm gona alsoooooo buy some more Polaroid film :)

Too excited! Smiles all round x

April Showers

I cannot believe it's already the 13th of April! Friday the 13th to be more specific!! Last night I Skyped my 'American mom' Jenn to go over the arrangements and basically..... I leave sooner than anticipated :) until I have my interview with the American Embassy to see if I can get accepted for 6 months, I can't book my flights but the rough date is around the 22nd May because on the 29th I'm going to NEW YORKK!!!!! No biggy... ;) haha I literally screamed when I found out!!!!! I'm not sure when I'm coming back but money dependent, I'm hoping to fly from the US to Tenerife to see my sister in Oct/Nov time :) This year rocksssssss!!!
I've finally put some photos on here from my phone so here's a couple randoms and some from last night!! I'm STILL hanging after 6 hours sleep, 6 hour shift and fitness haha killlerrr....

One of the best parcels a girl can receive :)

                                                              just a casual day at the beach!
Slightly worse for wear on Saturday!

Another beaut from Saturday

Chillin at Chels'

Walking to workkkk.. :(

Last night! Vainooo

Chels lookin beaaaaut!

Reeeally happy with these!! Studded the top of my pocket on my Levi 501s :) 

Cheeky Cranberries and triple vodka, minus the triple vodka with Alice!

Hey Sam ;)

Day 1 of the Mac Daddy of all bruises!!!! Drunken me will never learn... (Day 1)

Ciao for now bbloggers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 9 April 2012


I've been really poo at keeping my blog up atm but I'm actually quite busy!! So my sister has gone to Tenerife and she loves it which I'm happy about and hoping to go out there and see her towards the end of the year after America!!
I'll upload all the photos later because my phone's decided to be a little bitch and won't put photos on to my laptop so until then here's my messy Easter weekend photos :)

At Stacey's with Chels

Reeeeally sober....

Looking hot

Webcam fun minus alice haha

vaino but this is my new hair and nose ring! oh heyy

i'll upload all my tonnes of other photos from last week soon asap! i also have a job now! yay to not being a poor unemployed bum!! xxxxxxx