Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy or bone idle?

I'm aware it's been over 2 weeks since my last update, and I'm not gona come up with a bunch of reasons or excuses so I'll just jump straight in!
I can't believe these things were over 2 weeks ago - genuinely feels like 2 months, but I had the amazing opportunity to see the Redskins vs the Colts pre season game!! I didn't realise how lucky I was about going until one of my best uni friends (who's obsessed with American football) Alex, said how jealous she was and how the colts were gona smash the redskins.. HA! They ended up winning 30 - 17! It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I was literally basking in all the American-ness I was feeling! From the national anthem to the cheerleaders and mascots! It was insane :) you definitely need to go if you ever get the chance and I will see another game without a shadow of a doubt when I come back in the near future.

(these photos aren't edited cos the ones I edited, I've lost and it's late and ok.. I'm lazy)

Sorry for the shabby quality - you can only take the most minimal stuff to an American football game so my camera was a nono :(

I've also got blonde!!! No, not platinum barbie blonde like you're imagining, it's more of a light brown/dirty blonde which I love! Getting my hair done here is always so fun and I love my hairdresser! It's gona be hard to go home and get my hair done by someone else now.. first world problems haha.
Here is me:

I'm really scared of my roots coming through! I have another appointment next month so I'm hoping to go lighter before I come home! Bit of a mix up

Because I've left it so long, I can't actually remember everything I've done in the past fortnight, but I did end up going to another baseball game last week but this time to see the Washington Nationals and fell in love with some of the players.. need myself a baseball player.. or american football. Not fussed which.

 Last week I worked every day so didn't really go out much other than for a business lunch (how professional of me) and then yesterday (saturday) I went into DC again and shot a family photoshoot with Jen! Each time I go to DC I'm still amazed by how beautiful it is. From where we drive in, we always drive over the bridge and past all the amazing monuments. They're still breathtaking! America is simply amazing - although they do need to be introduced to some good hearty meals like having roasts every sunday and good old bangers and mash! Missing my parents cooking!
Yesterday was also Katy's 14th birthday, so we went to the mall which obviously I wouldn't object to, so ended up buying a new mac lipstick. Yes, just one! I'm feeling proud so I might reward myself with another.. hahaha

It's actually a lot more purple than this, the flash made it really light! It's MAC 'rebel' :)

Katy's cake!

best headband ever!
blonde bun!!!

last night's movie choice ;)
I think Barrel Oak Winery are nearly in harvest now so I should be going down there this week which is exciting! I'm not sure on other plans but I'll try keep notes so I can fill you in! I worked out that I'm home in just under 8 weeks now which is unbelievably short! Where has the time gone since May?! I feel like I'm really appreciating my time here now and I'm gona try do as much as possible before I go home! That includes a week down in North Carolina with Emma and Caitlin, and also another trip to New York!! DEFINITELY need to go up the Empire State!
I am looking forward to being home though and seeing everyone at Uni, but even more so for Christmas when everyone will be back! Last year was so lovely :)

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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