Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Casting a spell

Originally, I wanted to blog about my time spent in North Carolina with Emma, but I've got a huge headache from the painkillers I've been taking which make you feel sleepy and nauseous so I'm not in the best state to be uploading and editing pics, so I'll tell you about my ankle.. ha!

I'm so upset that it's happened because 
1) It's super expensive - missing the NHS
2) I'm bed ridden feeling sorry for myself
3) It's going to be painful hobbling around New York and the Whitehouse
4) I might not be able to fly on time
5) I can't get a Christmas job when I'm home
6) I might need surgery
7) I'm stuck down in my room cos I have to crawl upstairs and go downstairs on my bum
8) Not only did I miss my Dad's birthday for the second time running, on his 50th when all attention was supposed to be on him, I took all the limelight and had to break it to my parents that I had a cast on my ankle. HA.
I could go on, but I don't want to seem moany.. ;)

Basically, it's a huge inconvenience - have you ever tried having a bath with only use of one leg? It's not fun.

When I explain what happened, it seems so boring and pretty hilarious but it was literally the most dramatic thing ever to me and I've never been in so much agony :(
I was on Emma's bed, getting ready to leave and it was just me and Katie in the room cos we were gona carry some stuff to the car cos Emma and Caitlin drove it closer to the halls, so I literally slid off her bed which was quite high and I already had my shoes on. When I got off, because of the rubber on my Vans, it caused some friction on the carpet and I must not have picked my foot up high enough to step ha and I tripped and at that the same point I heard and felt something click/pop in my ankle and I fell to the floor. That's it. I FELL :| needless to say, because of the crack I felt, I came over all faint and sick and nearly passed out. Caitlin, who works at a physical therapist place and is studying for it, propped my foot on a chair higher than my heart and iced it for a good 2 hours, which made us leave later to get back to VA. When I attempted to put weight on my foot I literally couldn't, so Emma found some crutches in the library and that's how I slowly got to the car ready for a 6 hour journey back to Reston! 
When I got back, my ankle was ridiculously swollen so we just iced it until Jen took me to a walk in clinic yesterday morning to get an X-ray. It was so scary waiting for the results and this Indian doctor came in who I could hardly understand and the same with him to me told me I've 'spiral' fractured my fibula and I might need surgery. HOW WONDERFUL. I had to then go to a different clinic to have a temporary cast put on and tomorrow have an appointment with a specialist doctor to have a proper hard cast put on and to see about if I can still fly home when I'm supposed to and whether I need surgery.
This is so shit and I wish it could've just been this time next month when I'm home with free health care!! It's so annoying and I've been sleeping all day cos of my tablets and feeling sorry for myself :(

Here's my X-ray. The right bone beneath my ankle bone is the fracture :(

Sat in the car yesterday whilst waiting for Jen to finish shopping in Giant. Gutted I couldn't go in cos I love any chance to go to the American supermarket haha :(

Wish me luck for tomorrow! I'll blog about UNCG when I can be bothered xx

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