Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Southern Comfort

A few weeks ago (3rd - 7th October) I went to Greensboro, North Carolina to see Emma and her college friends at UNCG! I was so excited to finally experience the 'college life' and see if it really was like how it's portrayed in movies; mainly she's the man..
Before me and Caitlin (Emma's cousin) drove down, we visited Caitlin's best friend Sara and her toddler Sonia who I've kinda fallen in love with cos she's such a cutie!! It was nice to have a little catch up with her cos she's such a down to earth person and reminds me of the girls back home :)
It was a 5 hour drive to Greensboro, but luckily me and Caitlin love a sing song so it was practically just a 5 hour karaoke session before we arrived on campus and met Emma and her room mate Katie to unpack and tour round!!
American college life seems to be on the other end of the spectrum in comparison to English Universities and their student lives - luckily I've now experienced both of them! I don't think I could handle sharing a room with someone constantly though cos I do like to have my own space every now and then. American dorms fit 2 people to a room and in Emma's case, 'Mary Foust House' was a 2 floored big student hall which has a girls and boys bathroom on each floor (so you're sharing all those toilets, sinks and showers..) and ONE kitchen!! It was hard enough keeping track of everything whilst sharing a flat with 5 other girls, let alone the whole of the student block! 99% of the college students eat at the 'food hall' for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it all seemed to be really fattening food so it's not as simple as in the UK where you have your own shared kitchen and cook for yourself. In that sense, I felt like it wasn't as independent as when I was back in Nottingham where you had to sort of fend for yourself and make yourself cook, so I think I do prefer Uni back home rather than here but it's just like a whole new world!
After Emma introduced us to all her lovely friends, we went to her favourite coffee shop called 'Tate Street Coffee' which is this rustic little coffee shop along the student strip of shops really close to campus. The only way to describe it is it had the same kind of feel and atmosphere as the Lizard at home and Spanky Van Dykes in Notts! So I loved it but it was so small and obviously I don't like coffee.. haha. One of the nights it hosted Jazz night so we went along to that and that was nice and chilling :)
Whilst there we also went to a vintage shop which was amazingggg, the cinema to watch Pitch Perfect (the second time for me because it's so bloody hilarious - Rebel Wilson is definitely going to be huge) and we went to downtown Greensboro which has a really unique musuem called Elsewhere!
Elsewhere is a museum of things hoarded by an old lady for years and when she died her grandson took all her collective pieces and put them in a shop for people to explore. It's $1 to get in and you can touch and move things about wherever you want to. The best bit about it though is that it has no glass windows at the front and there are 3 swings so we were swinging in the shop window haha it was so weird. The whole of downtown Greensboro seemed so rustic and I've never seen so many vintage and antique shops in my life! It was lovely though and is such a pretty little town.
On the last day we were there, literally an hour before me and Caitlin set up to leave was when I fell over and fractured my ankle so that was a nice ending to match the beginning where Emma needed an emergency root canal hahaha so dramatic. It was a lovely trip though so can't complain about anything else, although I'd have appreciated my time there a lot more if it wasn't for my injury!!

Greensboro in snaps.....

Life couldn't be more different here. So excited to be home in 5 days :)

Stay tuned for NY!

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