Friday, 7 December 2012

The big, ripe, crunchy apple

Embracing my inner Carrie Bradshaw 

I'm THE worst 'blogger' ever. Blogger is in quotations because I can't even call myself one anymore. I write a few posts about my life then leave it for a while. I wish I had an excuse for the lack of posting but I really don't. The first week I did cos I thought "I'm home, I'm jetlagged and busy.." then the second week I was the same.. and now we're into the FIFTH! I can't believe I've been home for over a month now! Seems crazy.. and then I was looking through my photos and realised I haven't even uploaded or even EDITED my most recent New York photos! I'm a sick excuse for a Carrie Bradshaw fo shooo.

I'd like you to find someone who isn't in love with New York. Whether you hate to love it, or love to hate it, there is literally a place for everyone in this beautiful city. It's full of tourists and teens ready to begin their lives to 'be somebodies' or just live the American dream. I know I want to.
These past 5 and a bit months, I've accomplished so many of the 'dreams' I wanted to live before I die that were on my mental bucket list. Visiting New York City 3 days after I arrived in the United States for the first times was a huge tick off of that, but going for the second time? Unbelievable. I always thought, although in hindsight it's not actually that far away from home, New York would be one of those things that would never happen - like going to the moon or.. being skinny HA. I am so grateful I've had this life changing opportunity to do it twice and I can honestly say I will be coming back!
It's the city that makes you feel like you're a somebody even though you're not. When I was strolling (hobbling) down 5th Avenue at around 7pm when it was starting to get a little darker as the night beckoned, I felt so happy. I was in this big place where I knew no one but I was so glad I was there, and it was comforting knowing there were hundreds of other girls at the exact time thinking and feeling the same. I want to live there.

Across the 4 days I stayed there, we managed to cram quite a lot into each day so I'm satisfied of what we achieved doing there, and I'm not actually sad that I didn't get to do everything I wanted because I know I'm coming back; whether that's in 6 months or 6 years from now, I truly believe my heart belongs in the city. CHEESE PLEASE! But that's why I chose and fell in love with Nottingham for Uni too - it just had the same vibe :)

Blogspot is now being gay so I can't even upload my pictures right now :( cryyyyy. I'll try again tomorrow xxx

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