Saturday, 21 April 2012


Looks like I'm gona be visiting this beauty again next month!!! Me and Sammie have booked our flights to visit Paris for the day eeeek! :) It's gona be so lovely because I didn't think I was gona be able to see her again before I go to America for 6 months! I'm going up the Monday and staying in her apartment, then we're driving to the airport Tuesday morning, come home Tuesday night, staying the night again in Canterbury and getting the coach home from London on the Wednesday :)

Next month is going to be so eventful!! I get to see all my amazing Uni friends for a few days when I go up for my birthday, then it's my 19th (zzzz), then Canterbury and Paris and then I fly off to Washington DC to get picked up by my new American Mom to go home to Reston, Virginia :) That's on the 22nd but then on the 29th I'm going to New York!! :) Definitely want to have sorted and got the hack of my Diana camera by then so I can have some amazing film copies of the huge skyline and beautiful fast paced city! I guess I can practice whilst in Paris ;)


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