Saturday, 28 April 2012

'Train insane or remain the same'

One of the best quotes I've heard in a while! Starting Monday it's my 7th week training with Andy but only technically the first day of my second month. I'm seriously putting in so much more effort in these next couple of weeks before I wizz off to the beautiful place that is America which is filled with everything bad for you! I've got so much motivation now and I'm only drinking for my birthday and maybe my last weekend here, so that's 2 nights. Other than that I'm seriously knuckling down!
Besides from that, life is so boring back at home. Literally counting down the days til I go away :)
Notts in 10 days
Cants & Paris in 16 days
London in 19 days
America in potentially 24 days.... (if interview goes to plan)
New York in 31 days!!!

Here's a picture of Weymouth beach from training the other day when the weather was insane:



smiler bo

Weymouth on an absolute BEAUT day :)

mine and Sammie's Paris flights :)

my new vansss

some of the random food i have to eat now

cutest cups ive ever seen

new lens :D

my baby girrrrl!

now everyone go and follow my instagram: highfieldreb

p.s. i miss my long hair

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