Friday, 13 April 2012

More than just a hobby

I miss doing photography so much! A level was amazing - which reminds me I still need to collect all my work!
I was just pottering round my room and found my scrap pieces of under/over exposed film photos:

Genuinely LOVE doing film. It's a lot of work and the results aren't always great (see above) but it's so exciting at the same time because you never know EXACTLY what your photo is gona turn out like until you've developed it. At sixth form the dark room was my second home.

Next week I'm going to finally buy a new lens for my Canon DSLR so I'm gona be taking soo many photos, especially of my town changing so dramatically for the Olympic sailing this summer :) 
For the US I want to invest in a couple new cameras including a new digital because mine got stolen :( sad face, but I also have my eye on this beauty:

It's a Diana F+ mini, which is film! :D Really want to get this before I go, it's £99 but definitely worth it!! I'm gona alsoooooo buy some more Polaroid film :)

Too excited! Smiles all round x

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