Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mumbo Jumbo

I'm kind of slacking with these updates I know, but I'm super busyyy! (and lazy..) but this week my laptop decided to have a meltdown due to a virus so I had to system restore it to the original factory settings. It broke my heart but luckily I have an external hard drive to back up all my stuff on ;) nerding out

Week commencing 6th - 13th July 2012


Ignore the vain-ness, I was just super excited to have light hair again woo! I'm going lighter again in 7 weeks :)
This night after I was at the salon for 3 hours, I met Emma, her eldest brother Alex and his friend Mike and went to the cinema to watch Brave in 3D. At first I kinda turned my nose up at watching it cos it didn't really appeal to me - it's no Ice Age, but I was delightfully surprised and really enjoyed it!! :) 

everything's better in 3D - apparently.

That weekend I spent from Friday - Monday with Emma! It was really good and I got to meet her cousin Caitlin who's half English so we had English things to talk about! Yay! With her we went for a bit of retail therapy.. oops.. and then they drove me to Arlington to a British food shop :))

I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE MARMITE! Obviously Emma had a naughty British binge! 
After we drove back home, we had dinner and then went to the pool to watch Evan Almighty..

Caitlin gave me some M&S teabags!!! YESSSSS :)

Sunday we took a 'road trip' to the Luray Caverns in Virginia. It was so beautiful to see the Countryside and the blue tinted mountains. Very picturesque! I really didn't know what to expect when they said they're like caves - why would I pay to look around a cave all day? But when we got there it was actually pretty cool and made a fun day out! Another thing to tick off the bucket list of things to do in America before I come homeee

Emma at Carribou coffee before we set off hahahah LUSH hat

b a d a s s

so much hate and love for this hahahahahahah

why does the stick man have fingers?! hahaha


hey vaino.. and hair ;)

Emma and the fluorescent background..

finished the day delightfully with froyo in a nats hat bowl whilst having a movie marathon!
I had to go home Monday morning but Emma was working too so we came together and then she fell asleep whilst editing pictures hahahah so funny. That girl literally falls asleep anywhere and so easily. At the end of the year I'm gona make a montage of all the photos I've sneakily taken whilst she's dozing.

We had a photography event to attend this week in Georgetown, DC. It is bloody beautiful there - you can definitely tell it's the wealthier part! Plus I remember hearing in American movies about kids going to College in Georgetown and it's very prestigious and expensive! Only the best of the best go there I gather. The shopping there is pretty insane too and apparently they make famous cupcakes. A cupcakes a cupcake to me, they all taste the same so I dno why people go out their way to get an extra expensive one. Asda'll do. Or in this case, Giant.
Jen has the photos I took of the event but it wasn't as classy as the last wedding guide one we went to. That was insanely classy. This was just 4 photographers talking business and pricing. It didn't really apply to me cos I'm 99% sure I'm gona just keep photography as a hobby. I think once you start labelling anything as 'work' or your 'job' it kind of taints it and puts you off. If you keep it as a fun hobby, it never will :)

No idea why I look about 12 here with a gammy eye, but Emma looks nice!

I can't really remember what I did with the rest of my week haha but this is the majority! I don't know why this post is giving off such a boring vibe. Maybe it's just me and my sleep neglected brain or maybe my posts are always boring. If they are, I apologise, but it's fun to live these times ;)
I really miss talking about going out though hahah I miss alcohol way too much!! Along with all the friends and famalam. As much as I love it here, I miss the English way of life. Being away certainly makes you appreciate the things you do have in life. I'm very thankful. I think being away has actually made me into a more laid-back person. I hardly ever moan anymore... who'd have thought it! Hahaha

I got back from Baltimore (cue hairspray outbursts) so I'll be making another post in the near future... once I upload/edit my photos. Yawn.


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