Thursday, 5 July 2012

4th July!

I just had 2 lovely days with Cerys and her family :) As much as I love it here, it was so nice to see some familiar faces and the English accent!!!
I got dropped off at their hotel where I booked my own king-size room (living the high life..) at around 8pm cos it's only a 25minute ride to Arlington from Reston which was cool. As soon as I got there Cerys met me in the beautiful lobby and we went on up to my room. It was amazzzing!!

Pwiddy bathroom

We went to a meal with just me her and Tom cos their parents went to watch a baseball game. We went to a burger place so when in Rome... this is my chilli burger!!

This is how excited we were about the humongous bed! We led diagonally and couldn't reach the other side. That's what I need in my life 

People said on instagram she looks naked hahahah

We pushed this down the corridor.. hahaha

wearing our hotel dressing gowns!

standard self pic on cerys' ipad! rude not to


After all our fun and games, we decided to get to sleep cos we had an extremely early start (getting up at 7:30.. ew) to get breakfast and head out to the metro en route to DC! It was literally like 5 stops away which took less than 10mins which was cool and cos we were so early, the metro station wasn't that busy! As soon as I stepped into DC I knew it was gona be horrendously hot so regretted wearing black haha idiot. We had such an amazing view for the parade, just sat on the kerb. We were early so had to wait about an hour for it to start. It was good but I think I'd have enjoyed it more if it wasn't so friggin hot!!

Ready for our big day in DC!

The Metro station (shake shake, shake shake, shake it..) 

casually sipping on our starbucks..

train coming!!

sibling love

cerys loving life!

ooh get me and the needle in the background ;)

Aw you guysss

'do you think obama will be in the parade' 'hahahah ain't no obama gon' be in the parade... you have a sexy accent' oh cringe.

before all the crowds!

sitting in 34degrees isn't fun! we packed up and went for lunch in beautiful AIR CON!!

the needle


huuuge roads

The White House where Obama was having a big party so this was as close as we were allowed :(

Doing the same pose in front of the needle hahaha

Aw look at us Brits

Some of the parade

cracks me up everytime hahahaha

'uncle sam' whoever he is

After being in the sun for about 6 hours straight, we decided to head back to the hotel and have a rest/swim/nap until we went out for dinner later than evening at Vapiano's. It's an Italian and it's so nice and so cheap!! We have one here in Reston so I knew it was nice. I love knowing mwahaha. We were a little late driving to the fireworks back in DC and they started going on whilst we were en route so we parked up at a 'gas station' and watched them from there. They were insanely good! Definitely live up to the hype :) during this time, a car got pulled over by a policeman and then 2 other police cars came so that was quite entertaining haha. 
After that I had to say goodbye to them all cos Mike was picking me up :( 
It was so nice to see them!! Really missing all the friends and family atm but I'm so busy I don't get much chance to think about it haha. The thing I hate the most is the time difference!! I'm only ever free on the occasional evening which is the early AM's for home so I don't get much chance to Skype anyone!

Feel very lucky that I can say I've been in Washington DC (which isn't actually counted as a State!!) on 4th July 2012. 
It's still not fully registered that I'm here.. it's like I'm in a bubble!
I'm excited for tomorrow cos I'm getting highlights :) yay!

Bec xxxxx

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