Thursday, 5 July 2012

Time Flies...

I realise I haven't updated in quite a while and I've had some moaning about it from my demanding fans (this goes out to you mum). I seriously need to keep tabs on my whereabouts. I thought this would be enough but I'm even too busy/lazy to do this sometimes, so here's what I remember (keyword) of the past week and a half!

reader's notes: be prepared for an extremely long blog entry.

So! I visited our really pretty Lake Anne with some of my adoptive family where they had a mega cute vintage book store so I was in my element cos of my current book worming love.


So me and Katy (Jen's daughter) went on our own exploration adventure here and ended up being chased by an american hobo. Up there with my top 10 scariest moments of my life, let's not lie. Katy swears she shouted to me 'run Becca, save yourself', but rest assured, she did not. Though, she did seem less scared than me haha.. awkward that she's only 13.

I attended a 'red carpet event' for Perfect Wedding Guide which was basically this really lush event held for networking. I took some photos for them that they made into a video which made me excited cos my work is now for a company. Obviously as I'm an intern for Vita Images, they were credited so I'm under that name :). Because it was all based on networking, everyone was there who had to do with booking a wedding. From photographers and DJ's to food and florists! Lots of people asked for my business card but I don't currently have one so I just handed out Vita Images'. I felt so professional!! Here's the video. (My photos are the majority of close ups and I also held the light reflector at the side when Christi Weems speaks ;) I know, impressive...)

I made Jen come into the photobooth with me mwahahaha

I now can't remember much else so I'll refresh my own memory by uploading my most recent instagram entries :)

Katy and her cousins Ashleigh and Noah swim and had a tournament so afterwards we went to a place called 'silver diner' and it was so classic american - exactly how you'd expect it to be, minus the rollerblades (or maybe that's just me)

Realised where I'd visited in a matter of 2 weeks in May. I literally feel so blessed.

Sitting in the scorching sunshine by the pool reading my favourite person in the whole world's diary extracts. The legend that is Karl Pilkington.

Had my first American Chinese!! How amazing is this packaging?! I didn't think it was as nice as the Chineses back home (if that makes sense) but the packaging definitely made up for it!


Was speaking to my mum over the app 'textie' and she sent me this pic of her and my dad the babe hahah made me laugh

The weather for last week! Pretty sure it's even hotter here, crazy

The roses I left the red carpet event with! I didn't steal them, they gave them to me! Who needs a boyfriend?! There were 25 red roses.

The cockroach me and Jen saw on a man's bonnet of his car!! It's next to a quarter, similar to a 10p.

What a beautiful house! The fact it was abandoned made it creepy.

Jen taking Dorothy's grad photos.

I bought some banana bread off Amish people at the farmer's market. It was mouth-wateringly good.

Kinda addicted to make up. I went shopping at the huge Mall called 'Tysons Corner' with Dorothy so it was a kind of bonding experience :) 

Watched Rock of Ages at the cinema. It's bloody amazing. My guilty pleasure here are milk duds.

Extra ice in my freezer cos of our huge storm. Oh yeah, we had no electricity for 3 days!!! Luckily Jen's mom has gone down to Mississippi for a couple of weeks and she had electric in her house so we stayed there! It was so scary!!!

I assisted 4 photographers at a model photoshoot at a cute hotel. It was an all day shoot so I was there from 10am-10pm. It was such a good day and I learnt a lot about models - how to pose them, lighting, back drops, and so much more! Really happy and grateful I was given the opportunity. This is my food I ate from McAllister's deli. Chili salad and chili spud, extra jalapeƱos! 

A shot of the beautiful sky from the room!

The outside hotel rooftop pool! BEAUT! I wish I coulda stayed and sunbathed. I'm waiting for Jen to send me my photos I took of a model here so keep your eyes peeled for an update (unless I get them before I publish this...)

The 2 HUGE trees which got knocked down during the storm. This is me beautifully modelling LOL and the orange thing is a towel cos we lost their cousin's cat, Star, as he JUMPED out of the top window during the storm but he's been miraculously found back at their house after 4 days of being missing. It's crazy cos he's not allowed outside and we live a 10min drive away from them so I have no idea how he found his way back!!

At Lake Audbon. On our walk to the lake, we went to a different part where a man was laying on a lielo (dno how it's spelt) in the water saying 'you gona come innn?' and i was like 'umm no, i'm alright thanks' and he replied with 'i promise you wont drownnn' in a really southern accent. Hm, tempting...

Watching Gabe's lacrosse match on the proper American stands!! :) We went to IHOP afterwards cos Adam, Jen's eldest son, came down from Orange where he sky dives. IHOP pancakes are the bloody cats pyjamas.

Sorry it's so bloody long, I'll try to update a bit more regularly!! 

over and out xxx

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  1. Yes that's better Becca, loving the updates & pics, tho not too happy about me & dads pic lol.
    You just word this blog so professionally & are a natural. Loved the video too.
    Glad to see your having fun, but also learning more about Photography & putting all your knowledge to good use :) Very proud xxx