Tuesday, 7 February 2012


So this weekend Alice came and stayed for 3 days and I had such a good time! As much as I love my flatmates and everyone here, it was lovely to see a familiar face :)
I had work Friday night and then had to go meet her from the coach station the next day at 1pm. It was so weird to see her on 'my turf' haha but I gave her a mini tour of the city but it was freezing so we'll have to do it another time :) we went to sugarcane (obv) and then had a Chinese buffet!! FIT FOR A KING! We filled tummys to the absolute max and even got to pour our own icecream haha GOODBYE DIET! but it was so totally worth itttttt
this was one of the photos i took without people thinking i was a complete weirdo so apologies for the poor quality and blur but you get a taste of what it was like! This was in the corner house which has soo many food places in it, was the hardest decision to ever make choosing where to eat ha but me and alice are suckers for some chinese!
that night it started snowing.. and snowing.. and snowing until it was, i'd say, about 2 inches if not more! was crazy and i couldn't wait to go out and play with it. the boys were outside so we went and joined in on the snow ball fight! obviously i got a few to the face cos everyone aimed at me ha but was so fun!! i finally put my wellies to good use ;)
this is the beaaaaaaut courtyard!! i was so excited! it looks like the inside of a dipdab wrapper full of sherbert!!!!

 our snow man (apologies for the disgusting photo)

me and steve were the only ones to have brought wellies!! my feet were dry and snug ;)

this night we stayed in because of the snow and everyone was worried what the next night would be like cos it was the day of carnage pub crawl and noone fancied doing it in the snow - except me, i was all for it! i was literally like an excited 5 year old who'd eaten too many blue smarties!!
thankfully the snow stopped by the next day (boo) so it was just like slush left and it hadn't froze yet so no ice :) pre drinks went full steam ahead at our flat and all was well at manor!! haha. 
COPS AND ROBBERS! pre drinks were absolutely hilarious and once alice had some drink in her she was speaking to everyone which was good cos i didnt have to stay with her all night - she was being a social butterfly ;) hah. everyone liked her and i think she liked everyone too so i was happy!
the best night quickly turned into the worst though because when we got to our last club (rock city) someone stole my camera :((((( so i lost all my snow photos i took that day and all of the pre drinks and ones from being in the clubs :( absolutely gutted!!!!!! im literally never going to rock city again im so angry!
then alice had to leave at 6pm the next day so we had a huuge lie in to sleep off the hangovers and took her to the coach station! was sad to say bye but we'll be together again in like 8 weeks or something when we're all home for easter so it's all gooooood :)

bec xxxxxxxxxxx

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