Friday, 24 February 2012

London Fashion Week

LFW is a very popular week, which is held in London in February each year. These weeks are held in fashion obsessed capitals including London, New York and Milan which show the most popular designers, right down to ones who are just starting out. It would be amazing to be able to attend London's, because obviously it's the closest one near me, but my dream is to be one of the fashion photographers there, capturing the catwalk and celebrities in awe admiring the new collections for the following year's SS collections.
I was browsing on the website ( as I've always had a love for fashion and studied textiles for 7 years, it's always exciting to see new upcoming designers in the pipeline. Something called 'Estethica' caught my eye so I decided to research it more. Basically, what it is, is a chance for new designers who like to use fair trade and ethical manufacturing for their designs. Whilst studying textiles at A level we learnt that although using fair trade and organic materials are better for the environment and people, it is more expensive and take longer to make. This starts right down from growing the cotton in the fields of the hot climates of India and several other places, it is a harder and slower process without using pesticides although they are life threatening to the workers there.
But along with trying to be as organic and economical as they can, designers also use recycled fabrics to make their unique pieces.

The photo above is by designer Mei-Hui Liu from her SS 12  collection. Her label is called Victim Fashion Street and she is a Taiwan-born designer but now lives in London. She says her signature designs are 'I suppose it's what you'd call decadent romance cut with a very sharp edge and dose of haphazard embellishments' as she used quite a few 'grungey' looks topped off with union jack style prints and the royal colours. She also recycles all her materials and thinks of herself as very ethical.

It's nice to know that there are designers out there who actually care about the world and fair trading. Just because you use top of the range materials doesn't mean that your pieces are the best. I'm aware of the pros and cons of this but things are slowly changing :)

A rose between two thorns: Pop princess Rihanna sat between Kate Moss and a seductively placed hand from Stella McCartney.

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