Saturday, 11 February 2012


today it dawned on me that this valentines day is gona be my first one single in 3 years!! i was with the same boy for valentines day 2009, 2010 and 2011 so it's gona be kinda weird not to have one this year! i'm not a massive celebrator of the day but it was cute to be able to share this cheesy holiday with someone!
now i'm in a predicament because valentines day seems to be a huge night out for fellow singletons but tuesday's the day i'm supposed to be going back home for reading week so i can't decide whether to stay in notts for a mad night out (depending on who would actually come because everyone's on reading week so they might be home) or go home that day and go out in weymouth. ahh i can't decide! but let's face it.. there's more talent in notts than weymouth ha! but the downside is that i'd have to get an 8hour coach the next day if i stay here and there's a huge chance i'll be hungover!! never good.

i'm SUCH a messy person it's unreal but surprisingly i hate going to bed when my room's a tip and as you can see here, this is the current state it's in :(
soooo messy but i really cba to tidy it!! maybe i'll do it tomorrow after mine and zoy's adventurous photography day.. or maybe not.

tonight whilst at the boys' flat i was just thinking how lucky i am to be surrounded by such lovely people - home and away (pun not intended haha) i've met some amazing people here who i hope i'll keep contact with for life, especially my roomies! 

a few snaps from some really good nights here :)

going to sleep happy :) xxxxxxx

p.s. RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON!! what a shocker! :(

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