Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reading Week

Last Tuesday (Valentines day) I got the coach home because it was reading week and basically, it's cheaper to go home than to stay here and have to buy food etc, plus my mum does all my washing ;) mwahaha.
Being that it was Valentines day and I'm 'young, free and single', I decided to go to the pub with Matt and some of the boys and drown my sorrows! This was the night in pictures:

 I ended up the most drunken one and pretty much passed out in Matt's bed hahaha. Had such a hangover the next day but that was my only drinking day the whole week I was home - didn't even go out Saturday! Time to detox and seriously lose some weight!

Wednesday I caught up with Soph which was nice :) we went for a drive to Portland Bill with Abby and then decided to go to the park at night haha! You'd definitely be able to tell we're 18....

Cherry having a wee behind a rock, as ya do..

Then she decided to try and fit in a baby swing but got stuck haha! There were loads more photos from this day but Abby took them on her camera and she hasn't uploaded them yet the bellend!

Thursday I went to Boscombe with Abby and Stacey to get hair extensions! It's such a weird place and I felt so awkward being English there!! Everyone stared at us and it was really scary haha but we went to this foreign shop which sold CHEETOS!! Love of my life.

En route to Boscombe!

After we got Stacey's extensions I noticed there was a reptile shop and I'm a sucker for pet shops cos I'm obsessed with tortoises and there were so many of them!! I want the one that's in the water cos he was lively and look like a bit of a rebel. It was the cutest thing ever seeing him try to get out of the water bowl hahaha! Then there were loads of snakes etc - this one is lush cos of the colouring! I named him Dorito cos he reminds me of the colours of the chili heatwave flavour hahaha.

On the way back to the car we walked past this really cool looking tattoo parlour and Stacey already has 3 tattoos so was feeling spontaneous and we went in! Obviously I was peer pressuring her into it because I love tattoos but can't get any atm cos i'm poor and kinda AFRAID OF NEEDLES but i'm hoping to man up soon!
The tattoo parlour had no spaces available so we set back to Weymouth and were talking about tattoos the whole way and Stacey decided she's gona get her tattoo back home! :)

To turn around we drove down this huge hill to here which is called 'Honeycombe Beach' HOW CUTE!! Must go there when it's hot,

After umming and ahh-ing about whether to get a tattoo both of them got one in the end!! How cute and girlie are these haha :)
After spending all day with them, they were going out to Nando's for dinner that night but I couldn't go because I'd already arranged to see one of my best friends, Kim, who was cooking for me :D

Apologies for the horrendous quality. She cooked me Spaghetti Carbonara and it was beaaaaut!! Was so lovely to see her because she's one of those friends who you don't speak to constantly and see much but you know they're always there for you and when you do catch up it's lush cos there's always so much gossip!! :) 
Cherry came round afterwards and we just chilled and watch celeb juice! Lovely day :)

On Friday I just chilled mainly in the day time and then went to Kirsty's that night for some more girlie time! I don't know why I say girlie night anymore because every night really is for me haha. Sarah was there too and we decided to make a 'rainbow cake'!! Here's our masterpiece:

A bit of an e number nightmare haha and it didn't taste great but it was hilarious making!
I didn't really see much of anyone else that week but it was really nice to spend some quality time with my family as everyone was home! :) 

It was the best to be reunited with my 2 dogs and I made Bosun sleep in my room with me at night cos my family seem to think it's haunted haha! I miss them so much when I'm away and everyone thinks that Sash is going deaf which is sosososososos sad cos I've had her since i was 6!! She's 12 now but I reckon she's got plenty more years in here! Anyway changing subject.......

After making a cake with Kirsty on Friday, Keiley got jealous and wanted to make cupcakes haha so we had a 'cake off' and Morgan and her friend Ellie had to taste them and decide who's were better...

I won (shock) but Keiley seems to think she did although i got both votes so I dno how that works haha.

Keiley's working in Tenerife this summer but I can't visit her like I did in 2011 cos I'll be away myself! I think it's gona be weird for my parents and Morgan to have just them 3 all summer but they're kinda used to having us away now. The novelty soon wears off when we're all home and annoying each other haha.

I came back to Uni yesterday (wednesday) and don't have it again til Monday so I'm just bumming about but hopefully will have a nice messy Notts night out soooonnnnnnn!! There's rumours that Joey Essex is here so might have to go see his reem face!!

See you soon Weybizaaaaa xxxxxxxx

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