Monday, 18 June 2012


Boooy I've been busy ever since I got here!
This is my weekly outline:

14/6 - All night grad party

Jenn has her own 'photo booth' and as her son Gabe already goes to this school, she likes to take part in helping out special events, such as lending her equipment to the grad party. It feels so alien to me how much these students' parents seriously help out at all events. From going to school in the UK my whole life, it's kind of opened my eyes at how um.. lazy we are with school activities (exception to a few) haha. It's always been students and teacher setting up things from school plays to art exhibitions. So it was actually really cute to see how hard these parents work in order to give these kids the best school related events.
The theme was nautical so the whole of the entrance was covered in a ship!! It was so cool! Made me miss summer ball! So as you're thinking - a grad party means all these 18 year olds are coming in dressed up and drunk. WRONG. Obviously the alcohol age here is 21 so everyone was sober and dressed in shorts and t shirts. I'm new to all this so clearly I stood out like a sore thumb in my dress :| guess I didn't get the memo...!
Anyway, Jenn and I were there to take some photos for the newspaper she works at called Patch so I tagged along and got the first hand experience of being in an American high school! :) I took photos on her cameras so I don't have any to upload BOO but I'll see if I can steal some later.

15/6 - Katy's leaving party

So the night after the all grad party, Katy had her 'leaving school' party where they leave their current and start 8th grade (I think) but anyway, she's moving buildings and going to high school! They had the photo booth but we didn't stay so we left them to it! We went back and so many kids were crying although they're gona see each other again in September haha. It was cute though.. made me feel old!
Here's me and Katy....

Ghostly, right? But she insists on editing these pics!

16/6 - Shopping and dinner with Emma

Yesterday Emma picked me up and we went to Reston town centre to have a little shop and dinner! The town was PACKED because it was this 'taste of Virginia' fest on with food and wine/beer tasting. Heart breaking that I couldn't try the alcohol haha but we made up for it but having dinner in a Chicago-styled restaurant called Uno and then had Ben and Jerrys!! Guilty pleasuuuure. There was also a mini concert going on where bands were doing classic covers. When we fit arrived a rock band was playing and they were singing covers of Black Sabbath. How lovely :)


I know, I know.

We thought we'd have a nice one...

This just cracks me up at how ugly it is hahahahahaha

This was my mini 'haul' of goodies I bought with Emma. YAY HEELS!! And I bought some scrap booking stuff :)

17/6 - Gabe's lacrosse tournament, IHOP, Snow white

Today I had to get up at 6am (EW) so that we could drive Gabe to his lacrosse tournament which was in Annapolis! It was so fun to watch, especially in comparison to girl's lacrosse cos they're actually allowed contact and it's pretty ruthless! It looks so fun to play!! During the break between games we drove to an IHOP!! My first experience :) yay pancakes! Then when we got home we all had naps haha and me Jenn and her best friend who's came to visit this weekend from Mississippi, Aimee, went to watch Snow White and the Huntsman. IT'S SO GOOD! Wow the man who plays the huntsman is beaaautiful and even has an Irish accent in the film. Double Wow. I also should be going to visit Aimee daaaan saaaath in October!! Can't wait!! :))

I'll keep ya posted! 

Bec x

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  1. Absolutely love your blog, it's great that we can keep up on how your doing. :) Can't wait for the next event in your USA lifestyle babe.
    Love you xxx