Thursday, 21 June 2012

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I've read quite a few books recently so I thought I'd broadcast my opinions and faves! I was introduced to the I Heart books by one of my best friends at home so borrowed I Heart New York from her to read on the train en route to London before my day trip to Paris and fell in love with the storyline - especially as it's English so easier to relate!

It's just a young adult book about drama and romance - the usual girlie stuff! As I knew I was going to visit New York, I loved it even more by the way the city is described and how the main character, Angela, loves it so much she makes it her new home.
Obviously being addicted to the book (I read it in 3 days)I went out and bought the others in her collection!

What's better is that there was a Paris one too and I'd just been there! :) I admit that I want to be Angela... OH! And Lindsey Kelk, the author of the books, tweeted me!!! I don't care if this makes me super sad.. it made my day!!

The next 2 books (Hollywood and Paris) were bought solely to get me through my 8 hour flight on my own to America, but as good as they are, I couldn't wait so read them both even before I left home ha! This being the reason for my other book 'haul' and purchased:

The next book in the collection (obviously), Karl Pilkington's Idiot Abroad Travel Diaries for the giggles as that man is a legend through and through. I then opted for a book my friend suggested (the same one who introduced me to the world of Angela in I Heart..) so I trusted her judgement without a shadow of a doubt! 
I am now hooked on the Fifty Shades trilogy, and baring in mind that the book itself is over 500 pages long, I read that in 3 days... awkward. Any teen/woman who reads it will become hooked on Christian Grey. Ok so it's pretty graphic and explicit but at the same time it's a twisted love story. Plus the writer is a huge fan of Twilight so that gives it extra points in my book!
I can't wait to get the next, and I think last (boo) of the I Heart collection which is I Heart London and the other Fifty Shades!! :)

I also went to a vintage book store the other day whilst taking a tourist-y trip to visit Lake Anne and bought a book called Prisoner without a name, cell without a number which sounds pretty interesting about the imprisonment and torture to an Argentine Jew! 

The Hunger Games trilogy is next on my list! 

Book worm over & out x

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