Friday, 8 June 2012


Women Photojournalists of Washington

Tomorrow I would have been here 2 weeks! Definitely feels like so much longer but I'm so excited for summer to properly begin cos when all the kids break up from school this week the pool will start opening every day at 11am HELLOOOO SUNKISSED SKIN! ;) The weather is b e a utiful with highs over 30degrees (about 90 for you Fahrenheit weirdos!) and my poor English skin isn't used to it so I need to ease into the sun!

beautiful sky!

So, on Saturday, Emma and I assisted a wedding photoshoot for Vita Images which was a lot of fun! It was exactly how you would imagine an American wedding to be like - outside, beautiful weather, white chairs, the whole shabbang! The Bride and Groom (Lauren and Tom) were amazing clients to work for too because they were so calm and happy - definitely the opposite to what I'd be like hahaha. So that alone made the day a lot happier and better. They were also very photogenic too! I'll try and post a couple photos on here if I'm allowed.

Me and Jen have started the gym this week! :) yay! It's unbelievably huge with 2 floors of equipment, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room! CRAZY! So it's gym, swim and sweat! Although, the changing rooms - I've never seen anything like it! Naked women left, right and centre all with their lady gardens out! What is going onnnnn? Awkward turtle moment.

On Wednesday I went with Jen to do a family photoshoot for one of her fellow photographer friends called Charlotte. It's so cool how much I've already got to add to my portfolio in 2 weeks!!

Wednesday night is when Emma stayed round as we had to leave for Charlottesville at 7 am (EW) because us and Jen had a workshop of how to use Photoshop and Lightroom spoken by an amazing photographer who works at Adobe, Julieanne Kost. She was hilarious too which made a 6 hour lecture bareable! Plus I learnt sooo much!! :) After the workshop we met up with the WPOW! women in a little cafe called Java Java to help hang up some photographs which were to be sold the following morning at the silent auction. I also met another of Emma's friends called Mary and her boyfriend Jake who were so nice! I swear Americans are the most welcoming people ever!
We came back from Charlottesville this morning but we took a detour to visit Jen's eldest son, Adam, who is a skydive instructor. Crazy I know! When we got to Orange, we saw him land from jumping out the plane and we hung around with a few of them for a bit which was cool - hoping I got some good photos! I definitely don't have the balls to jump out a plane the nutter!

I'm excited for next month because me and Emma are talking about staying with her brother for a couple days in CALIFORNIA!! The flights are super expensive atm though cos it'd be in the peak of summer so if we don't go there we might go somewhere random or stay with her Aunt in Boston :)

SORRY FOR ALL THE WRITING! Here is a couple of pictures of the beautiful Charottesville:

The amazing old school ice cream parlour!! The ice cream wasn't the best (much rather have a rossi's ;)) but I was in awe of the place!

I'll upload more when I can be bothered to edit some pics! 


RIP to a lovely boy back at home, Lewis. Thoughts are with his family x

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