Thursday, 14 June 2012

Running behind

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 10th July photoshoots:

Lauren & Tom's wedding
My laptop's being a huge turd atm so will have to update with these photos but for now here's one of Vita Images' sneak peak of it! (Hope you don't mind Jen!)

Family portrait
Credit to Jen @ Vita Images for the full family photo.

WPOW! Gallery/silent auction in Charlottesville:

Genuinely felt like I was in Italy. Such a cute restaurant in the middle of the town.

Peace, Love and Photography.


No flash- oops.

 Some of the shockingly truthful photographs. (I like the lampshade reflection)

Gatherings in Java Java

A member of WPOW!

Emma loving kids!

We even had WPOW tattoos ;)

Orange Skydiving. This wasn't a photoshoot, but rather a detour to meet Jen's eldest son Adam, who I've heard all about from my sister! It was a great opportunity for some snaps though :)
Just a few:

I watched my first girl's lacrosse game on Saturday because Katy (my American sister!) plays in her school team:

QuinceaƱera (a Spanish 15 year old's coming of age party)

I only took a few on my camera and used one of Jen's Nikons for the others so I'll try and steal them off her :) 

High school graduate:

Need to upload! Sorry I'm useless!!! But for now, here's a 'behind the scenes' shot hahahaha

here yee gooo

These photos aren't the best but you have to remember I'm a secondary photographer so am referred to as an assistant, intern or the Brit haha so I'm not supposed to have all the models attention! 

I'll update in a week or so ;) xx

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