Monday, 4 June 2012

Concrete Jungle

This week has been so busy, it feels like I've been here for about a month not 8 days! On Tuesday I went to NEW YORK CITY! 
It took about 4 hours to drive but I didn't care because it showed me more of the US! We drove through Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey and some other places. We stopped at a service station in New Jersey so I bought a key ring hahaha

I don't think I've ever been more excited in my life as soon as I saw the skyline across the water. It's truly beautiful.

the view from our hotel room! 20 stories up!

the ferris wheel IN toys r us!

such an amazing city


$60 well spent!

When we got back from New York, it was pretty late on the Wednesday and then Thursday I had a photography event at a studio apartment in Washington DC! :) It's unbelievably pretty there and the studio we were in was New York style and even had a swing! HOW COOL! 
Photos credit to Emma and Jenn:


Emma on the swing!!

Outside the apartments!

Listening to photographs talk about what's 'in their bag'


David Barnett. What a legend.

On the swing woo! Need one of these back home

It was such a good night to 'network' and meet some new people and photographers. I met an English photographer which was cool cos we had some common ground and even knew where my home town was! Everyone had their own specialities and the majotrity had their own wedding photography businesses or studios. It was inspirational to see how many people have actually made their hobby into a career and gives me more hope!

On Friday night I went to the 'movie theatre' to watch Men in Black 3 - EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE IT! It's hilarious and Will Smith just doesn't seem to age; he could literally start making new Fresh Princes and no one would be able to tell the difference! It was so nice to go with Emma and her friends and be around people my own age :) They were all so nice so hopefully will see them again soon! I slept round Emma's house and met her younger brother and parents who were all so lovely and welcoming! The next morning her dad made us some Mickey Mouse pancakes and we had them with syrup - I felt like a true American! We then had a wedding to photograph and assist for, for Vita Images (Jenn's company). It was actually a really good day because the Bride and Groom were such laid back, nice people and were so photogenic so I'm excited to see how well the photos will come out! If I'm allowed I'll post a couple on here :)

Trying my first York! (Peppermint Patty)

The AMAZING waffles! :)

I'm so busy here which is really cool but a bummer at the same time because I haven't had chance to properly sunbathe yet so I'm not any more tanned than I was back in England :( haha. Maybe I'll have time in the next 6 months ;)


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