Sunday, 29 January 2012


I haven't wrote on here in over a week now but not a lot has actually changed! Same old poor student!
Good news is that I got the job being a photographer at Oceana, bad news is that I literally hate it. I can't quit though cos of loads of reasons like I don't want to be a quitter within the first month so I'm gona stick it out, I need the money even though it's rubbish - it's better than nothing. And it'll also look good on my CV for photography experience and it shows I work for my money (it's commission based).
I've been feeling pretty shit lately cos of the whole being poor situation, plus I don't get paid for another month so that's another month of living off my mum and I feel sooo bad for it! It's all because Student Finance are bellends and still haven't given me my grant which they owe me for TWO terms!! Guess it's a good thing that I will get double this time but I wana live life comfortably not worrying all the time! :( My sister suggested dropping out after this year and then working for next year to save up and apply for 2013 but I really don't want to do that. I've basically made my life here with amazing people I've met and I also don't wana have to go through making new friends again in possibly a different city. All this worry has made me miss home and all my best friends and family :(
Adding to this shitness, I desperately want to be smaller for the summer where I'm potentially either going on a girls holiday (which would be amaaaazing seeing as though Portugal was the best time ever and that was just with 2 of the girls, let alone the whole group!!) or i could be in America for the whole of summer, staying with the family my sister did Camp America with back in 2010 in Virginia!! I was so much smaller last summer cos of the 'heartbreak diet' I guess but when I came here everything's just been so tempting, let alone the 'empty calories' of drinking on nights out!  I'm definitely trying now though and I want to be smaller by the time I go home for easter at the end of March so fingers crossed guysss!

In other news we've pretty much found our dream house for next year! It's for 7 of us this time cos Beata's coming with ussss! We'll always be Breach house bitches though :) haha. I'm so excited to move in to a house, let alone have a gigantic room!!!! Plus it has TWO kitchens and TWO BATHS!! What luxuries!! I don't even like baths cos I don't think they get you clean cos you're washing in your dirty water but still! I don't have the option here hahaha!
Breach at Christnasss! (plus Lucilla, Zoy's friend, and Beata!!)

enough of my whinging, i'm off to bed!! 9am lectures wooooo...... xxxx

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