Monday, 30 January 2012

Futuuuure :)

Today started off reeeally crappy and I was so moody and kinda took it out on my mum so I feel kinda bad! But it got better and better - first of all all 7 of us girls went and signed our new house contract for next year!!! Love the house and so happy we got it and it's all sorted now :) and the best thing is that it's a 10min walk from the city centre so we're definitely gona be hosting pre drinks all the time cos we won't need taxis or if we do they'll be suuuper cheap :D and then i skyped Jenn, who is the 'mom' of the american family my older sister keiley stayed with whilst doing camp america 3 years ago, about me going over there for 3 months in the summer to help her out with her toddler lauren who's 2 and shadow her because she's a photographer with her own business!!!! she went over some details and said she'd pay for half my flight, i'd live in her huge basement room rent free and wouldn't need to buy food AND she'd give me a weekly 'allowance' :D :D :D how amazing!! it's such a crazzzy opportunity cos ive aaaalways wanted to go to america and the offer's there!! :D :D plus it would look pretty hardcore on my CV that i went and worked with a photographer in america during the summer ha!! SOOO EXCITED! let's just hope it all goes to plan! i think im gona need to get another job here too, but in the day so i can juggle everything! 2012 is gona be amaaazing! can't believe we're at the end of jan already though! insane!
i definitely wana slim down for this now! and im gona get such a good tan wooooo! i love being brown :)
the only downside is that im gona miss out on a girls holiday (boo) but ill be back early september so i'd still have a couple of weeks at home so could see everyone and have lush nights out back in weybiza!!
i really miss home and im craving a night out there haha! it's so rubbish compared to here but it's weird how much i miss it cos when you go out there you kinda know everyone about! :)
it's gona be so nice to go home for easter for a reunion with all the girls and everyone :) especially to see sammie the crazy cat! we're always on the same wavelength in town haha!

im going to bed happy :) but have 9am lectures again.. wahh :( xxxxxxxxxx

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