Saturday, 21 January 2012


Only went out once this week and that was last night at forum woo! I had a job interview to be a photographer at oceana haha and I have a trial night tonight but dont start til 10! feels so weird.
the flat's lonely this weekend cos alex & sarah aren't here and some of the boys have gone to leeds so manor's a bit quiet but next week should be good :) plus it's mike's birthday and we're getting a booth wooo :)
the most annoying thing ever happened though! my levi 501's got sent to my home address so i didnt have them to wear last night and then i missed the post man today so i have to collect them from the post office (which i dont know where it is) so this is a slight issue... haha. ill post a pic when i finally have them in my possession!
anywhoooooo ill try to update sooner than last time :)

peeeeeeace xxx

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