Sunday, 29 January 2012


So I can't sleep, SHOCK, and I'm just laying in bed thinking about all the tattoos I want but I'm too much of a wimp to get! I have sooo many ideas - only lickle ones - but first I need the bravery!!! and money obv :( boo everything comes down to moneeeey!
The first one I want is on my right foot which is gona be a paper aeroplane to represent my granddad (personal meaning) a bit like this.....
(found this pic on tumblr) but i only want one line of the loop de loop thingy behind it and no shading!

then the next tat i want after that is gona be a biggun!! but will be my only biggun so it's ok! :) atm my roommate alex's boyfriend is designing it (ollie) so im waiting for that reallyy but this is a couple of ideas i have... 

i reeeeeeeeeally want a dream catcher in this exact place! (left hip and thigh) not as big as these ones, but big enough to be able to see a bit if i wear shorts kinda thing. i think they're soo pretty. it does have a meaning though and im also having 4 beads in the middle of the netting to represent my parents and two sisters :) not sure on colours though but this is definitely want i want!!! :D

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