Monday, 16 January 2012


Today has been loooooooooong and not the best! I'm so not used to being this active since christmas haha so waking up at 7:30 really killed me this morning with a FULL day of uni :( bad times. first of all i was late, then i forgot to pick up my CV's i printed to hand out to places so i can get monies, then i got on the wrong bus and worst of all, my phone had low battery cos i forgot to charge it! wahhh!
I'm completely swamped with work until my wednesday deadline so that means no forum or oceana for me until after then :( boooo. I've done quite a bit tonight but got bored so started putting up more photos on my walls but ive now ran out of space to put them!!
along with this im also writing this obviouslyyyy and been checking some photographers im in love with. my new obsession atm is Guy Aroch who is constantly moving from paris, nyc and landan town the EXTREMELY lucky man. this is one of his:
I've not taken half as many photos as I usually would recently cos i need to buy a new lense for my canon but as soon as i do im gona be snapping away like there's no tomorrow!! over new year i took some photos with a disposable camera but they didnt come out the best! kind of a waste of money butttt practice makes perfect :) 
i didn't take the disposable for photography purposes, more just to capture the night but i actually really liked this one - the colours and the whole randomness of it tbh haha makes me laughhh!

also, to add to the moaning, i never realised how expensive shampoo and conditioner is!! ridonkulous.

ciao for now, bec xxxx

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