Sunday, 15 January 2012


So I've just decided to set up a blog during my Uni years because they're supposedly 'the best years of your life' so I want to remember them - even the drunken memories ;)
I'm loving living in Notts and I've met so many amazing people it's insane! Since coming back last Saturday I've been out 4 nights this week and I'm really paying for it now in more ways than one - my poor bank balance :( but the nights out here are too hard to resist!!
Me and Zena loving life! This was the first night out back and we planned to go to Forum but cos we were super late getting ready and leaving pre drinks (shock) it was too packed so we ended up going to Bluebell first for some cheap wine (love it) and then hit up Revival which is an 80's night haha! There were hardly any people in there except for us and these old creepy men.. classic!
We had a huuuge flat party on Tuesday before the best place ever.. OCEANA! The flat was literally so full I felt like a sardine in a tin! 
On Thursday we went to Rock City and that was the first time I'd been - it was a good night with some hot indie guys haha but wasn't the best. I'd choose a messy night at forum or oceana over that any day! Not even sweaty in that picture.... hahahahaha gross.
Then this was Friday night at forum :) DISGUSTING photo but one of the only ones that got taken (thank god) but was a really good night and we obviously went to the White Horse (like surfside to those of you from home!) for some chicken nuggets and chips yay :)
Today i seriously need to do some work and crack on so this is my first blog of 2012.. i'll try and keep a regular update!

have a lovely lazy sunday! 
bec xxxxx

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