Sunday, 4 March 2012

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens

Anyone who tells you that no one inspires them or they don't have a 'hero' is lying. Everyone has that one idol for which they want to aspire to be like or feel passionate enough about them to create/do/be something better with themselves. This can be a person, a photo, a light, a shape, a smile, a flower - ANYTHING.
Whilst studying photography itself, I have many people who I feel inspired by which causes a mind map of ideas bouncing around in my head which I can then do. It's no copying, it's taking their idea and putting it to one of your own.
Last year I was lucky enough to have spent a weekend in the middle of London so took a few hundreds snaps here and there!

Although the majority of my photos are in fact of landscapes of suburbia and grimey streets, I do want to enter the world of portraits. Here's some of my most recent inspirational photography photos which I've fell in love with and hope to achieve similar work by the end of the summer once being in America and having more opportunities.

Brooke Nipar.

Guy Aroch.

Annie Leibovitz.

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