Monday, 7 May 2012

Young, wild & free

So this weekend has been pretty hectic with me working horrendously long hours and it being bank holiday!! But on Saturday my not so little sister had a house party cos it was her 15th birthday on Sunday so I came home from work at 8 to a drunken teenager-infested house!! It was actually quite good though and all her friends were so lovely and polite! Very impressed :) she enjoyed it too so I was really happy with that!
I ended up going out after the party with Chels and Cherry to town where I had a few too many as per and had the same taxi man I had the other week who had to pull over so I could be sick.. and recognised me from work cos hes good friends with my boss.. AWKWARDDD... hahaha
Sunday I went out too cos it was bank holiday and it was such a crazy night! I played diablo with an old man!! wtf!!! It was a casual bank holiday so everyone was messes and dressed down.. i loved it :) i wore a sheer vest top with a maxi skirt and denim jacket :)
here's my instagram entries for the last couple of days! :)

Definitely looked like a goth last night!

Nice neat hair..

Fuck you glen!

Morgan hahahah

A very hungover willy wonka after a hellish shift

I moustache you a question but i'm shaving it for later


bosun the babe

my new camera!! i was allowed it a day early so i could charge it :D

oh yeah, IT'S MY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAAAAAAY EEEEEEE!!! going up to bristol to meet sarah at 11am and then we're driving to notts!!! everyone's saying how excited they are to see me - I've never felt so loved!!

HIGH ON LIFE, even though i'm still hanging from sunday night bleurgh


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