Friday, 18 May 2012

une petite journée dans la belle ville de Paris

On Monday I got the train to London where Sammie picked me up and we drove back to her appartment in Canterbury for a few hours before our drive to Luton airport for our lovely day in Paris :)

Sounds lovely right? Shame by the time we got back to Canterbury after Paris at 1am we'd been awake for over 40 hours! It was sooo hard to keep my eyes open all day haha and it bloody rained so we didn't go up the Eiffel Tower (what a shame..) and there was loads of road works!
Anyway, here's my last 4 days in photos via instagram, cos my proper ones are too big a file apparently!:

The best book ever to read on the train! (highly recommended, girls)

London Waterloo

Sammie's tiny apartment..

Too tired to function. N'aww.

On the metro

Nutella crepe. L O V E.

Wish she smiled! Infront of the Eiffel Tower.

My first Parisian macaroon

On the metro leaving... :(

Beautiful sunset


After the 3 hour drive home to Canterbury, a well deserved sleep, the train from Cants to London Waterloo and then on the train from Waterloo to Weymouth :) 
Just chilling with my best pal Percy, Perry the Pod, and I heart New York to read.

Yesterday I went to London again but this time with my dad for my visa interview at the American Embassy. After waiting for 3 hours, I was accepted, YAY! So I should be flying out end of next week :) So excited!
Tomorrow is my last Saturday night out in Weymouth so I'm having the girls round for pre drinks then hitting town! It's gona be a bit difficult seeing as though I don't have my ID but I'll try! It's so annoying how I'm 19 and worried about having ID cos they ask me for it everywhere! :(

Au revoir xxxxxxxxxxx

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