Friday, 11 May 2012

It's my birthday, I'll get high if I want to..

I had the BEST 19th I could've asked for up in Notts!! I was so excited to see everyone, let alone it be my birthday. It worked out I only needed to get the train to Bristol cos Sarah picked me up and drove us to Notts - road trippp! We got there for just gone 5 so we had plenty of time to get ready etc before pre drinks at ours. As soon as I got through the front door we all just bear hugged :) definitely felt the love! It was as if I'd never left and everything was back to normal. Gutted to be home now :(
Here's some pictures of the night :)

half of Sazzle's mahoooosive garden in Bristol!

Ain't I cute ;)

My surprise birthday cake!! :)

Poutin hell with Steph and Daren

Toblerone's face just cracks me up!

Hey orange!

Babies xoxo

Why I make this face I'll never know

Alex was so happy!

Oh dear



ADORE these girls :)

With Soph :)


Aw Mat :)

Just hanging

Feeling like death

Bye Manor :(((

Bye Notts.. til Christmas :((

My really cool socks.. 

Zoy did my hair before mine, saz's and mike's chinese buffet and cinema to watch American Pie the Reunion- ironic ;)


My 3 different currencies I'll be using for the next 2 weeks! Paris on Tuesday, America the following week :D

So happy right now to have such amazing friends to go back to in Notts. Cannot wait until Christmas to go and visit them again - when they're in the house!!! Gona be insane :) Just not that happy to be home wahh but Cants on Monday so all good :)

looooove you x

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