Monday, 28 May 2012

Sweetbay Lane


So I'm still pretty jeg lagged and need to get with the time because I'm still on UK time. It's currently 9:52pm here but I'm still used to it being 2:52am which is what it is at home! I'm making myself stay awake as long as possible but it's so hard when I'm waking up at 6am each day!
My flight went ok-ish to get here all by myself. I freaked out a little at Heathrow just because it's such a huge airport but everything seemed easy enough! I've been accepted to stay here for 6 months too which is relieving because at my visa interview they said I'm not guaranteed to be able to stay here that long until I go through US customs!
The flight was 7 hours long and I lost 4 hours during that process to get here. I had 2 in-flight meals which were RANK but then I watched 'The Vow'.. got upset that Channing Tatum isn't mine, read my book and listened to my ipod whilst sleeping!
As soon as I met up with Jen, Katy and Ashleigh we stepped outside of the airport and it was like a huge hair dryer! It's sooo hot here and super humid so I'm wearing next to nothing whilst going to the pool haha. I'm yet to make friends my own age here but I should be meeting a girl called Emma on Thursday who's 19 so fingers crossed she likes me and introduces me to her friends!!
The day I got here Jen took me to this huge shop called Target where I bought all my necessities I couldn't fit into my suitcase, and an American phone :) then she drove me around Reston town to see some of the amazing shops they have here. It's amazing! :) Then yesterday and today I've been at the pool with Katy, trying my best to start the base of my tan!
America through my eyes so far:

when they met me at the airport hahaha

with Katy in my mini apartment

hanging out

what I see when I step out of my bedroom :)

slurpee and tropical starburst = bliss


extremely hideous

loving life.

I'll try to be more frequent with the blogs here but tomorrow morning I leave for NEW YORK for a couple days!!! TOO EXCITED ahhh literally a dream xxxxxxx

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