Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Since dabbing in a bit of Wedding photography, it's completely put me off weddings and doing them again really because, expectedly, all bride and grooms seem to want the same cliché photos. The bog-standard confetti snaps, first kiss, first dance, group family, walking down the isle etc. However, whilst doing photos for this lovely couple it seemed a bit different and better. First of all, because she was actually NICE and friendly, unlike some stressy brides (not that I blame them, I'll definitely be a bridezilla) but it's not fun when you're on the back end of it cos it makes it awkward haha. The bride here was lovely and so funny who was just going with the flow of the day and pulled faces to the camera. I liked that and found it more fun/interesting to photograph. Although I love fashion photography and portraits, I think my real forte is in landscapes and buildings but this is good practise for the other side :)

This photo really made me appreciate where I live and realise how lucky I am to be so near the seaside! 

She looked like she was in trouble haha 

A photo of a lady taking a photo of another lady :)

Hahaha so unexpected

Priddy dress!

Cannot WAIT to go to America. Think of everything I can photograph there in 3 months!! I took over 1000 photos when I went to London for 4 days... haha

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