Sunday, 4 March 2012

Summer Loving

I've been thinking about my last year and I can't believe how amazing 2011 was! I really hope that this year lives up to expectations and beats last, if that's even possible! So much went on; I went to London for a weekend, saw Russell Howard & Jason Manford, saw Yelle & Katy Perry, I turned 18, I had my sixth form ball, I went to my first festival, went on holiday with 2 best friends, started Uni and met loads of amazing new people and saw my number one band I've always wanted to see - Red Hot Chili Peppers. Words cannot describe :)))) INSANE!

Giraffe silhouette at London Zoo :)

China Town, London

Katy Perry


My 18th :)

Drink stirrers

Had my A level photography exhibition

Summer Ball

Passed out at V fest

V fest bracelets!


Bar in Portugal, Albufeira

 Best friends on a beach, Portugal

Swimming pool, Portugal

Said bye to the bestests

 Moved to Nottingham

Met my flat mates :)

Started drinking more!

Popped home and had my hair cut off!

Anthony Kiedis!!!

  Red Hot Chili Peppers :D

Took some photos of home

Nottingham Christmas lights

My sister at Christmas

New Years eve as 'indians'

Bath time at New Year :)

Lloyd the drunken banana on NYE

I hope 2012 is even half as good as 2011. Fingers crossed as America is a big part.. :)

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  1. aw i like this post, like memory lane even for me with v fest and beginning of uni xx