Friday, 23 March 2012


This week I've been training with the amazing Andy Sloan with Kirsty and I feel sooooo good!!! Today was my 3rd session and I am more than definitely feeling the 'burn' but I'm so happy I ache which is weird but it's cos I know it's working :):) the diet isn't a walk in the park either but all I'm thinking about is how I'll be looking in the Summer in America woooooooo!!
Yesterday me and Keiley met my mum and her friend at this outdoor gym thing so we had a go - it was hilarious and painful cos I was hurting from the intense workout at WFC but then we took a stroll on the pebbly side of the beach on Greenhill :)!

Mummy (on the right)

Doing the outdoor rowing machine hahaha!

Before my work out today, the sun was shining and it was such a beaut day! I went with Matt to do his photo shoot and 'assist' him with his model. We went to an abandoned warehouse thing and some of the old containers were open too which was really cool so Matt got some good shots for his project and I went and did my own thing photographing things that interested me. Here's a few cheeky snaps:

'behind the scenes'

Just a few of the ooooodles I took :)

Also I entered to win free tickets to see Example at the end of the month. PLEASE LET ME WINNNNN!! I need to see him again. haha

suuuuuch a beautiful man. i love you.

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