Monday, 12 March 2012

Home town glory

Don't really remember a lot from Saturday night which isn't exactly a good thing but I'm young so that's what I'm putting it down to! Plus it was one of my friend's 21st birthday so he had a garden karaoke party which was so fun! I drank waaay too much before I even left for town then Sammie a.k.a THE BAD INFLUENCE always manages to make me have too many shots haha. It's never a dull night with her! :) It was my first night out back home too so was lovely to see everyone especially Laura, Cherry, Sammie and ofc Jade!
Before we left the garden party with Josh and our new Irish friend Tony! Heyyyyy drink spillages on my dress. CLASSY!

With Sammie and Jade as we just got into town! Love a good Yates' danceee!

Dear God I was so drunk.

Words cannot describe how hungover I was the next day but from everything I've heard from people, it was a good night haha and I didn't spend too much money which is always a bonus ;)  Roll on St. Patricks Day! Let's meet some Irishhhhh! xxxxx

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