Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Family is forever

So in these past couple weeks we've all been home at once which is rare because usually I'm either at Uni or Keiley's in a different country so it's been really nice to have some family time :) Keiley leaves Friday morning for her new season in Tenerife, so we won't see her until November unless we visit her but I won't be able to cos I'll be in the states!!
On Sunday she did the 6mile run for Sport Relief so we all went down to cheer her on and support her and her friend Holly who was doing it too. The sun was shining and it was such beautiful day, we decided to go on a dog walk afterwards to catch some rays! Here's Sunday in pictures:

Setting off

Finished with her 'medal'

My little sister Morgan with Bosun

Dog walk on the beautiful coast :)

Felt daring wearing my bright blue chucks haha

On Monday I officially started my first day of my whole month of Andy Sloan training after completing the trial week and wanting to do it :) I went to Poole with Keiley and Holly during the day for a tiny bit of retail therapy :) then had training and afterwards Kirsty and I went food shopping. It was the healthiest shop I've ever done EVER! This diet means I can't have dairy, sugar, wheat, processed food or ALCOHOL!! So all the nice stuff really! But I'm trying to make this week super healthy cos I'm going out this weekend and I'm feeling sooooo guilty that I'm gona drink!! :(

Tuesday I went to town and for a drink with Jade and some of her friends from Bristol and went in their BMW convertible - was so fun!!! My hair wasn't loving it though hahaha. 

At the beach :)
After this, me and Jade went to see her horse Blue, and I rode him!!! I'm so proud hahaha

the most hideous, hilarious picture of me ever but it's proof hahaha

Proof I was on blue!!!

Today I got my hair cutttt :O then had a nosey round town, trained and went to the cinema with Sammie and Cherry to watch 21 jumpstreet. OMG I'M SO IN LOVE WITH CHANNING! Beautiful, beautiful man. Still prefer Example though ;) mwahaha
here's my hair!!!

What was on the floor....

SO SHORT!! But I really like it... for now :) It's so weird compared to how long it used to be. Just before christmas it was atleast a good 4 inches longer than this!! I definitely prefer it shorter atm though :)

Tomorrow's gona be sad cos Keiley goes :( I'm driving to the airport with her though to say bye but there's definitely gona be some tears!!!! Not looking forward to her not being here :(((

How has your week been? :)

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