Monday, 19 March 2012

No Pain, No Gain

So last week wasn't that interesting, hence the lack of blogs! But Thursday was really nice because I met up with my 2 oldest best friends :) we had soo much to talk about too and just felt like normal with no awkwardness or anything which I love! In my mind, that's what makes them a best friend.

I've missed being home for lots of reasons but one of which is the fact my garden leads on to a field full of horses!!
With one of the horses I named Lenny!

Awkward looking carrot..

I've always missed my doggies too! This is Bo and Keiley my older sister!

Keiley goes to work in Tenerife for 8ish months on the 30th so it's gona be weird at home without her!

This is us this morning on the way to town where she bought ALL the clothes I wanted for myself :( and she's not even going to be here for me to borrow them! Booooohoo :(
It was so sunny today (as you can kinda tell by the sunglasses!) and the harbour looked beaut!!

TONIGHT I joined a new fitness/bootcamp/torture class with Andy Sloan that my friend Kirsty has been going to for 6 months now and has dropped an amazing THREE DRESS SIZES! She wasn't even big so I can't waittt for my result!! I'm so proud of her and now see her as an inspiration and proof that this does work so I need to stick at it!! Tonight nearly killedddd me but I have it again Wednesday and Friday so wish me luck!! I'm aching now, let alone tomorrow ahhh!! Here's me and Kirsty from Christmas time :)

Happy blogging! xxxx

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