Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why the hell not?!

I was thinking that I wanted to use this blog to remember the best memories in digital form so I won't forget them (though that is hard when I'm with such lush people) so I kinda treated it like a diary, but then I wanted to keep it professional and express my passion for photography and all things pretty. I have now decided I'm going to do a bit of both cos it's only gona be for my own benefit really as I doubt anyone cares about my sorry life or reads my blog! Except for you Zoyburg - my number 1 fan woo :) and probably my only reader haha love you! So 'haters gon' hate' lolololol, I'm gona write any old stuff on here!!
This is my life in pictures basically :)

I haven't been going out an awful lot lately because it's go time for the fitness front so last week I went to Oceana with a few of the guys and girls from Manor and it was a really good night! Beforehand we ended up going for round 2 of 'prinks' at a place called Up and Down Under where they sold drinks and shots for £1 - brilliant but horrendous at the same time. Whenever I've been drinking I always seem to think drinking shot after shot of tequila is a brilliant idea..... until the next day :( hungover is an understatement!!
The only photo of the night -

I wasn't out again until the following Monday, where being friends with people who work and promote it, went to Forum! Monday madness at Forum? Always ends up really fun and really drunk :) 
Prinks were at ours so obviously the standard game of ring of fire happened and then Adrian popped round and did some magic! Anyone who knows me knows I love magic so I was in my element and was loving life when he did a card trick with me! SO FUN!! Consider my mind blown hahaha it's insane how he does it!

My mind literally being blown by Adrian's insane magic!!

with my baby Zeebeeeee :) excuse the 10stone arm and insane eyebrow!

one of the funniest photos I've ever seen!!!! Henry is pretty tall but Josh is quite short and I'm leaning over a bit so I'm normally taller but I can't stop cracking up at how abnormally large Henry looks hahahaha!!! Best photo of the night by far!!

Whilst trying to recover from this disguting hangover, I went out the next night cos Sazzle came back from going home for the weekend and went to Oceana as a big girl night yaaay :) 
Here's a couple highlights of the night (shock I had tequila again... :()

Feeling all girlie with my lipstick mark! 

GREMLIN! Hahaha ewwwwww. I would show more but they're umm.. disgusting :) I'm definitely not feeling the middle parting after seeing this monstrosity so back to side I go!!! URGENTLY.

This photo is my favourite out of my whole Uni collection, I think you'll see why...

Could Mike look ANY CUTER?! I think not. Hahahaha what a babaaaaaa :)))

Today's been eventful but I'm not spilling just yetttt...... watch this space xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s. a huuuuuuge Happy 19th Birthday to one of my best friends Alice Carter!!!

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